The Halcyon Fox is all created in the psychedelic mindscape of designer and artist Chrissie Powell. Fascinated by maximalist and creative personal expression, her goal is to create pieces designed to stand out from the crowd. Drawing from a diverse pool of inspiration, from sixties counterculture and vintage music posters to Hungarian embroidery and Mexican folk art, Chrissie is attracted to all things packed with colour, whimsy, and heart. Using a mixture of traditional weaving and garment making techniques with modern, explosive colour and pattern, everything she makes is truly original with a focus on the details.

Born and raised in Texas, Chrissie achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design at the University of North Texas prior to falling in love with the Blue Mountains, Australia, where she currently lives and works. She shares time and space with her partner, three very distracting cats, three fluffy silkie chickens, and a garden full of native wildlife.


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